Nenad Neno Stanic


Neno has played a leading role in the successful creation and launch of domestic and international campaigns for brands like Chivas Regal, Johnnie Walker, Martell, Lucky Strike, Dunhill, and Lavazza Doncafe and collaborating on innovative and authentic projects that engage people and create meaningful experiences. He was Lead Transformation Agile Officer for the biggest Fintech foreign company in Chine leading 20 + Agile coaches in the process.

Emanuele Moscato 


I am first and foremost an enthusiast. Of life with all that it has inside, and of people. This feature has led me over the years to deal more and more with the latter to have even more enthusiasm in life.

I am an electronic engineer, counselor and coach with many years of experience in companies, first as part of them and then to help them manage internal and external complexity

Stefan Stojkovic


I’m only human, after all but I am also a Husband, Father, Friend, Mentor…
Many people are trying to define success. I could never answer what it is, but I guess it has something to do with feeling pride. 🙂

Whatever you do, try to think if you’ll be proud afterwards and that should help you understand what’s more important so you can prioritize well.💪

Lorant Dankahazi


 Agile Coach Lorant is an Assertive Protagonist (ENFJ-A) colored orange, who gives autonomy to the teams and helps to declare boundaries by team foundations, and cross-team agreements. His passion is creating a psychological safety environment for establishing a learning organization, supporting team experiments, and facilitating Hypothesis Driven Development through the entire delivery stream. His 20 years of technical experience helped to improve the delivery quality and introduce DevOps activities through Continuous Improvements.

Mirko Kosic


Mirko is taking initiatives and accepting responsibilities, enjoying  working with teams and individuals from all over the world. He always seeking  new challenges and knowledge to grow professionally and personally

Innovative and customer-focused leader with 15+ years of overall experience in designing and delivering sales programs and leading high-performance teamsExpertise in e-Health, product management and marketing, sales and brands promotions. 

Experienced in leading a department of 30 associates in customer-focused initiatives

Experienced in strategy and execution, Agile/Scrum methodologies and product processes 

Passionate and strategic seller who creates life long and recurring customers

+ global network

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