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About us


Agile Crew team members were for 10 years part of initiate and accelerate corporates’ transformations towards an Agile enterprise.

We are our own laboratory, testing the methods we promote, developing our own distributed organizational approach, nurturing an Agile DNA and entrepreneurial spirit. 

We are exclusively positioned on the growing & cutting-edge markets with 100 + talents on Agile, Digital & Innovation.

Looking forward seeing you soon. 

Nenad Neno Stanić, ICF PCC, ScScale



Strategy is the underlying foundation of every great agile transformation experience. Strategy that is centered on clarifying a agile message to inform their decisions and shape their actions. Ask for white paper on Agile strategy here.

Understand the environment, see opportunities, recognize options and think strategically

Quickly and efficiently mobilize and redistribute resources and realise potentials

Make decisions collectively, stand behind decisions together and represent them internally and externally.


From voice to tone to style, every expression matters. Agile design shapes a company transformation experience by creating identity touchpoints from design systems to key messages. Ask for white paper on Agile design here.

Leaders steer the company using vertical feedback loop: 

Command is flowing from the top to bottom in the form of reporting.

Many teams and departments only perform a single type of task. To assemble a working product, all work delivered by teams or departments needs to be assembled in the value chain.

Nowadays, a company’s chances of survival are low if it takes too long to create (new) products. Our company becomes slow if we need a number of teams, each producing a part of the product, to be able to create possible customer value.


Creative functionality with intuitive design makes every agile interaction more meaningful. Embracing digital as an extension of the physical work of agile teams has the power to elevate the experience. Ask for white paper on Agile digital here.

As a first step, IT and business goals need to align to channel resources into the creation of digital products and experiences which can drive growth in current markets and products. From an organizational perspective, the focus is to transform to optimize operations and enhance customer-centricity alongside the goals of managing risk and increasing revenues.

The quest for creating newer innovative business models to thrive in today’s digital world is a major challenge for executives. The value proposition of newer business models, the required core competencies, and skillsets, forging strategic partnerships, understanding market forces, generating shareholder value along with providing tangible benefits to target customers is easier said than done.

… is indeed the most important part of the digital transformation narrative. If a change isn’t enhancing the customer experience or complementing employee expertise it may not be transformative in the true sense.It is not just these digital intelligence technologies alone that propel organizations to true transformation, but it is their interaction with humans which deem these emerging technologies game changing and revolutionary. As organizations deploy more digital technologies like machine learning, cloud, security, analytics and IoT; the workforce will need re-skilling and retooling to bridge the skill gap and drive employee engagement.