I am a high-performance coach in my 3rd decade of service to mankind. I will guide you to safely to reveal the answers to the challenges of your business life. Together we will uncover the hidden meaning of your teams ups and downs ​

Esteemed partners, our mission in Business Agility is to empower your organization for innovation. We’ll foster adaptability and continuous improvement, helping you embrace change.

With personalized coaching and cutting-edge strategies, we’ll unlock your team’s potential, driving sustainable growth and lasting success. I’m your dedicated coach, guiding you through challenges and celebrating victories as we walk the path of agility and prosperity together. Join this exhilarating journey!

In all my engagements, whether speaking, conducting workshops, or online seminars, my goal is the same: to help you create something exceptional. Through any of these methods, you’ll gain valuable insights to enhance your leadership skills in all areas of life.

To stand out as a great leader, understand the difference between management and leadership. Utilize an often overlooked resource. Employ four simple methods for a lasting impact on customers and colleagues. Remember, ‘the customer always comes first’ isn’t a strict rule. Lastly, differentiate between training and development to excel in leadership and life.

"Neno's services alleviate diversity concerns. Discover how to establish an inclusive workplace that naturally attracts diversity. Understand why diversity is an organic outcome for organizations, not just a goal. Explore the distinction between diversity and inclusiveness. By satisfying your team's desires, your organization reaps substantial rewards."
夏涛 Tao Xia
CCMP™, PMP™, Certified Agile Coach @ Wemanity, Certified Agile Coach @ EXIN