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Obeya fundamentals

Obeya fundamentals

Obeya fundamentals

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Obeya , Obeya Assosiation

Obeya Fundamentals Exam
Obeya Association is the only independent Obeya Accreditation institute globally. It’s time to take the next step and become Obeya certified. Passing the 30-question Obeya Fundamentals Exam, with a 70% passing score, will automatically grant you the Obeya Fundamentals Certificate.

Why get certified?
✅ It shows your expertise and proficiency in Obeya.

✅ You receive 1 year membership for € 1 (instead of € 75) to the Obeya Association Community

✅ It’s required to proceed to other exams like Obeya Host or Obeya Builder.

What are the next steps?
After the check-out you will receive an invite to take the exam on the Obeya Association Examination platform on the e-mail address you fill in during checkout.
After creating an account on the Examination Platform you can take your exam.
If you have passed your exam you will get your digital Obeya Fundamentals Certificate by e-mail.
You can link your Certificate to your LinkedIn profile and share your latest achievement with your network!

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  • Name: Nenad Stanic