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Obeya Builder

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Obeya, Obeya Assosiation

Become an accredited Obeya Builder
Obeya Builders play a critical role in shaping the Obeya space, curating content and positioning it within an organization’s context and infrastructure. By participating in our comprehensive training program, you can develop the expertise and skills needed to excel as an Obeya Builder. Founded on the 11 Obeya Principles, our curriculum focuses on the four quadrants of Mindset, Alignment, Workspace and Content. By mastering these principles and quadrants, you will be well equipped to create dynamic and innovative Obeya environments that foster knowledge sharing and continuous improvement.

Obeya Builder Training Program
Our training program is designed for different organizational structures and Obeya maturity levels. We understand that roles can be performed by one person or can be shared by multiple individuals. We believe that clearly defining roles not only promotes professional growth, but also streamlines the assignment of responsibilities and improves overall understanding of the Obeya mechanism.

By attending our training, you will gain a solid foundation in Obeya practices, enabling you to accelerate collective learning and decision-making processes, ultimately contributing to the success of your organization’s Obeya initiatives.

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  • Start: April 6
  • End: May 17, 2028
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  • Name: Nenad Stanic