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Management 3.0 Workshops

Management 3.0 Workshops

Management 3.0 Workshops

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Management 3.0 Workshops, Management 3.0

Management 3.0 is for you if you want to

Become a better manager and leader
Boost productivity
Nurture innovation
Motivate any team
Change the culture
Become more agile
Increase happiness at work
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Management 3.0 Workshops are great fun but what’s more important is that they achieve results. They teach you how to work with hands-on management tools and skills that you can start using right away.

During the workshops we run experiments that will challenge the way you think and that will lead to a better understanding of why people do what they do. You will learn how to embrace change and how to encourage others to embrace it as well.

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  • Date: June 13, 2026
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  • Name: Nenad Stanic