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BACoE Business Agility Coach

BACoE Business Agility Coach

BACoE Business Agility Coach

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BACoE Business Agility Coach, BACoE

Introducing the agility coach
At its essence, the agility coach (or agile coach, as the role is sometimes called) is a change agent who helps leaders and teams adopt new ways of working via agile practices and mind-sets. The agility coach is a core element in transforming an organization toward a more modern way of working and a completely new operating model. After completing the first phase of a particularly ambitious enterprise-wide agile transformation, the CHRO at a national telecommunications company said, “If you have really good agility coaches, you might have a chance.”

The agility coach does the following:

Creates a culture of high performance, psychological safety, and belonging across the enterprise
Coaches people across all layers of the enterprise by changing their mind-sets (such as systems thinking) and behaviors (such as servant leadership) to help unlock their potential
Applies a range of tools and practices from agile and lean to addresses enterprise-wide bottlenecks
Continuously evolves the ways of working across the enterprise to ensure realization of business and customer value
Supports scaled agile ceremonies (for example, big room planning2) that enable cross-team prioritization, dependency management, and alignment with company strategy. This is Three month program accredited by Business Agility Excellence center and guided by International Coaching Federation competency framework.

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  • Name: Nenad Stanic